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Wall with Snow Piles and Tracks with Tires
Taken with Horizon 202

My real intention behind posting was to post this other picture bigger, but at this size they work best in a pop-up so I had to put something up in the main slot. Both of these pictures are from a while back. All that snow should be a give-away. I was lazy with the colour one and didn't bother cloning out the piece of hair or whatever that big white line is.

Another busy day. I rode my bike far (and fast cause I was late)... and all uphill. By the time I reached my destination I was both giddy and woozy from the adrenaline and my face and neck were burned by the intense and direct sun. Riding back downhill was a lot more fun. I took my time scooting through untravelled alleys, stopping to take pictures and listening to my June 2004 mixed cd (on low volume so I could still hear traffic). Safety first! ...except that I wasn't wearing a helmet.

By sheer luck I found the most amazing house on the way up. It was a theme house done in the craziest over-the-top Greek theme. Blue and white, of course, with lots of statues etc. I took a few pictures of it with the Diana camera (how appropriate) but will have to wait on "The Never Ending Pile of Film for Which I Truly Do Require a Personal Scanning Assistant 2004".

Check out the bigger photo.

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