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25 Cents
Taken with Great Wall DF-

Busy weekend. We totally rearranged and painted our front room. I put up a few of my pictures.

We watched Dogville last night. Against all odds I actually really liked it. There were a few times I had to get up for a break, and it took a while for me to adjust to the sparse set and strange opening and closing of non-existant doors... but I'm surprised that I DID adjust at all. As badly didactic as the closing credits were the sudden introduction of "Young American" helped jolt me awake after a three hour lull. And I liked the pictures.

Yesterday's big event was the Photoblogger Meet-up which was better than ever. Quite a few people showed up and there was lots of conversation. I enjoyed the looking at all the different cameras. Show & Tell was always my favourite school event.

Mr. Risk made buttons for everyone. We are geeks. Rannie has the Master Attendance List posted along with a photo of all the cameras. Jon's view.

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