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kim moon

Hometown Tour: Kim Moon
Taken with Holga

When I was a kid, eating out (a rare treat) meant a visit to the usual fast food joints. Until my stepfather discovered 10 cent wings and it was Chatanooga Choo Choos some Tuesdays while my mother went to bingo. Believe me that was a HUGE step up. But I always liked Kim Moon. I only really ever remember going there one time; a Sunday after church. I'm still not sure why we went because it was so far off our usual course, but it was definitely without Rob (he didn't like Chinese Food. aka suburban-style Chinese Food.)

I loved that meal at Kim Moon. To my child mind chicken balls with fluorescent sauce and anything with fried bean sprouts with packets of soy sauce served in a quiet "Asian-esque" atmosphere was really classy and posh.

Oh those little things that give the dumb impression that you've jumped classes for a moment.

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