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Any Girls
Taken with Great Wall DF-

This one is like a slightly more passive version of the fourteen inches guy.

It also kind of reminds me of the "party line". Back when I was in grades 6, 7, and 8 there was a number you could call that took you to a line that was just a bunch of voices really faint and far in the background yelling "Anyone there? What's your name? What's your number? What are you doing?".

That's really all it was. I'm not sure where the party was cause it was boring as hell. Now, at that age, for whatever reason I just happened to be friends with the juvenile deliquant-type skid girls at my school who were already cussing, smoking, drinking and having sex with 16 year old skid guys. I have no idea how I got accepted into this crowd. Maybe they thought I was a novelty since I didn't do any of those things... yet. It probably had something to do with my class status and the fact that I really didn't fit in anywhere -- smart but not geeky, weird but not too weird, shy but also outspoken, timid but also tough enough to punch (in the face and right in front of the teacher but I didn't get in trouble!) the guy who ridiculed me every day of seventh grade.

Anyways those girls seemed to spend every Friday night (while babysitting) calling the party line and eventually hooking up with a guy who was a lot older than they were. Like for instance they'd get the guy's number and call him, lie about their age and eventually figure out the guy was like 21 or 33 and then tell the guy to meet them somewhere but then not show up, or they'd be really stupid and give the guy their address but then pretend they weren't home. Those skid girls were tough and were always looking to kick someone's ass but when it came down to it they were incredibly naive, vulnerable, child-like girls who constantly put themselves into dangerous situations.

I suppose our relationship was a mutal fascination society.

But then I went to highschool and all the popular girls wanted to be friends with me because we were all small fish in a big pond and back on a level playing field and there's strength in numbers which freaked me out because I was not used to having so many "friends" especially of the hyper-manicured smells like "Colors" by Benetton or "Lauren" by Ralph Lauren variety so eventually we fell out and I switched social groups. The end.

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