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Taken with Nikon D70

I took this picture last night on the way back from meeting Bob who was in town from Chicago. We went out for breakfast this morning but since we talked the entire time I didn't think to take a picture. Bob is exactly as I expected him to be; generous, spirited and sincere. There are already photos from last night posted on the Toronto Photobloggers site. Quick.

I feel like shit today. I had a miserable fitful sleep filled with crazy dreams. My eyes feel like they are sucked back into my head and I smoked an entire pack of cigarettes while indulging in a bottle of Aqua Velva... and then someone hit me in the head with a sledgehammer. I have a lot going on stress-wise so it's no big shocker. In one dream I had a chihauhua puppy but it had a bassette hound head complete with droopy eyes and ears. My dreams are getting stranger and harder to analyze.

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