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Chunky Fries
Taken with Great Wall DF-

I had to come out of my cloud of work insanity to say, What the FUCK America?!

What in the hell is going on over there? Anyone with a crude, armchair understanding of basic psychology should be able to see right through Bush. I just don't fucking get how so many people just can't get a clue. And it seems like Americans collectively buy into so much bullshit. Why is it that when the guy you absolutely, with all your being do not want running your country wins, everyone starts saying, "We must support our president"? Why do people concede to support things they don't support instead of, I don't know, not supporting, or say, running into the streets completely freaking out?

And I cannot for the life of me wrap my head around why issues like gay marriage and abortion are not only huge.... in 2004... but so fucking huge that people will pick a fucking lunatic because they just can't stand the idea of everyone having the freedom to exercise their basic rights as adult human beings. Why, why, why?

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