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Taken with Great Wall DF-

An old one from last winter. I can't guarantee what this will look like. I've got everything calibrated with my printer to print cmyk right now.

The bad news is I'm behind deadline and still have lots of work to do. Soldiering on... I am so fucking tired I can't tell you... Candle burned from both ends, all sides and other dumb metaphors. I really can't write the sentences right now. Brain is fried. I have colour corrected so many photos... just looked at so many photos... text, text, text... I have worked harder over the last week than ever and of course that is only amplified by the fact that this is my project so I've got a whole lot invested in it.

The good news is that it looks great. I'm very pleased. All the work I've done over the last however many months is culminating in right now which is both exciting and terrifying. I can't wait to not think about plants for a while. I can't wait to literally do nothing for a while.

I've designed lots of things over the years but never my own book with my own words and photos. This entire process from start to finish has been the hardest, scariest, craziest, most exhilarating, taxing, thrilling, worst, best thing I've ever done. My dreams have been crazy -- over the last few days especially. Two nights ago I dreamt that I had no left arm. In the dream I did the best I could working at a disadvantage without my left arm until I made the sudden realization that my parents had cut it off in a stupid, reckless incident with a chainsaw. Then I became distraught and actually woke up from the dream with a start (more like jumped right out of bed!) thinking the buzzer had gone off and Canada Post was at the door. So I threw clothes on and ran outside into the freezing cold to check but no one was there. I stood there for at least two minutes looking around wondering where the delivery person had gone. I finally went back to bed, looked at the clock and discovered that it wasn't even 8:00am yet! I had completely hallucinated the buzzer sound in my dream. I then went back to sleep and awoke at 10:30am when the buzzer really did ring and this time it really was Canada Post with my new camera! Haven't had much chance to play with it unfortunately.

Last night I dreamt that I went over to a client's house and ate rice cakes and watched TV while she was out. Huh?

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