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Train Guy
Taken with Great Wall DF-

I took this photo back in August while my brother and I were waiting at the St. Catharines train station, desperate to get the hell out of there. Of course the train was really late so I wandered around taking photos to keep myself entertained. This guy was waiting at the same time as us. At first we thought he was a train spotter but he actually did get on the train when we did.

Yesterday was my first day of freedom and it was awesome! I woke up early in the morning eager to get started on day one of the rest of my life. The first thing I did was shred 2 large bags of paper. The amount of paper was pretty disgusting and I still have one manuscript to go. For some reason I just can't let that one go. Then I went out for lunch, to therapy, and to get groceries. It's all very normal stuff but I felt like I was on vacation. The weather was beautiful and the light was golden from noon until dusk. I was REALLY high on life all day long. I felt so unbelievably good. I still do. Life is good.

I finally got to really use the new camera. Yes it's a bit finicky and comes with a whole set of rules for use to avoid breakage. When I advance film it sounds like the film is being crushed and torn. But the multiple backs thing is incredible. I can actually switch back and forth between b&w and colour on a whim. Ha! Now I just have to take some film in for developing to be sure.

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