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Taken with the Kiev 88

Yellow is back. This was the second photo I took with the Kiev 88 after it arrived. Sadly when I said it sounded like the film was being chewed on advance... it really WAS being chewed! I can't figure out what went wrong. Anyone with Kiev 88 experience have a clue? The way the film loads is pretty odd. I just hope it was human error not a camera problem.


Lots of thinking. I have time and space to actually think about stuff besides plants and placing images and laying out pages. It's nice to use my brain in a different way. Everytime I get some space I end up going back to my old favourites; class and race. It's odd too because today an elderly woman asked me for directions to the bus stop. She kept stopping me, asking me to repeat it again. I think she felt unsure and vulnerable so I walked her to the stop and talked to her along the way. She thought I was Portueguese. I'm a chameleon in that way. People always think I'm whatever they are.


Newest musical addiction: "Israelites", Desmond Dekker & the Aces. My brother traded me this album for a 70s era Addidas hoodie. I think I got the good end of the trade... especially cause I also got "Blackboard Jungle Dub" by the Upsetters out of it.

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