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I don't know if it was the glorious appearance of the sun yesterday (FINALLY), the warmer weather (no longjohns, no puffball jacket), or the fact that I got that meeting out of the way but I'm slowly coming out of the dull haze I've been stuck in since late November.

Yesterday, I had a great conversation with a cab driver about how it seems in western culture that our concept of how life should be is wrapped up too much in the idea that things are always either good or bad, never both. Then later on my way back on the bus I was listening to music and smiling to myself. When I looked up the person sitting across from me made eye contact and smiled too. I immediately got freaked out by that and felt a strong compulsion to turn away and put on that self-protective public transportation face everyone seems to wear on the bus.

There's a point in here somewhere but I'm having difficulty getting to it today.

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