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Taken with Kiev 88

- Last-minute Toronto Photoblogger meetup tomorrow.

- I've started off another Canadian Seed Trade. The way this works is I send out a package stuffed with different seeds that I'm getting rid of and the next person takes what they want but replace it with their extras, and so on and so on. You have to register to get on the list. I do this because my small urban gardens can only hold so much and seed packets are always too big. I also have a little problem with buying more than I can sow. Plus I collect some of my own seed too. I had loads of good extras this year leftover from all the stuff I had to grow for the book. Most are heirloom veggie varieties such as burgundy okra (these were gorgeous and so were the flowers), red carrots called 'Dragon', and Oaxacan green corn. Plus heirloom tomatoes. I've grown enough varieties by now to know what I like most so I'm passing the extras on to those who want to try out some unusual varieties themselves.

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