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Taken with Horizon 202

JPG Magazine Issue#1


So let's just say, I HATE contact lenses. I got the stupid idea months ago that it might be *neat* to try contact lenses. I've always been uncomfortable with the idea of sticking foreign objects in my eyes, especially because of my allergies, but I thought it would be kind of nice to wear the millions of pairs of sunglasses I've collected but can't wear. Oh my god the horror! I just couldn't get the damn things in. I yelled, I cried, I freaked out. My eyes were puffy and bloodshot as a result of repeatedly, and voluntarily sticking my own finger into my eyes. Today I thought I'd give it a try again. There was actual sun today. I thought I'd put them on and then I could wear sunglasses. Again with the poking and the proding. I even consulted the internet for tips and tricks. I managed to get them in, and wear sunglasses, but by the time we arrived at our destination I couldn't see straight. Plus they kept shifting in my eyes and suddenly I would go from seeing wonky to not seeing at all. The first pair I got from the eye doctor was too strong and had to be replaced, but I think these are too weak. I ended up taking them out (thankfully I brought my glasses and the contact lens case) in the very unhygenic bathroom at the Value Village. It sucks cause I found a very stylish pair of sunglasses at the VV.


Today marks the end of an era. It was bright and sunny (but freezing) so we decided to try and get some pictures and some exercise by walking the tracks to the Value Village. We got busted by the cops. He took our names down and said that if we get caught in there again we'll be fined. VIA has decided to increase the train speed through our area and has stepped up security to keep people off the tracks. Fuckers. Over the summer they brought bulldozers and giant weedwacking machines into the area and completely demolished the little ecosystem along the tracks in order to build a shitload of new townhomes. The area around the tracks is actually quite large with wildflower fields, trees, birds and other animals making it their home. Now it's all gone. Then they built a massive soundbarrier wall around the townhomes and put up new, higher fences and barbed wire in other areas.

Those goddamn townhome/tofts/lofts have completely ruined a good thing. So many people in this area used the pathways to walk their dogs, ride bikes, and take shortcuts through the neighbourhood. And now it's all gone, the walls are up, the cops are patrolling -- all so hundreds of suv driving suburbanites can have their boring, homogenous, and very ugly townhomes. People think it will be cute and fun to live downtown but then they want living in the city to be just like living in the 'burbs. Arg.

At least I had my Horizon camera and managed to get one last set of images.

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