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The Senator
Taken with Spartus Full-Vue

There's been some action in the Box Camera Revolution group. You should check out John's photo of a bridge. Of course I am regularly asked if box cameras take "old photos" and in this case John did manage to capture that aesthetic.


Here's a hilarious photo of me taken in May 1975. Why are all those stoners hanging around the O.P.P.?


I love these photo studio pics. I have a strange fascination with photo studios and scenic wallpaper. The wallpaper probably stems from all the dental work I had done in childhood with a full-wall-view of a forest in autumn set in front of me. Whenever I see that style of wallpaper I feel compelled to pose in front of it. And photo studios... we had a "family portrait" done once when I was a kid and it was the most gruelling experience imaginable. I'm betting that I've got all kinds of "issues" wrapped up in that single experience alone. Still, I have tried in vain to convince Davin that we should go to the Sears Portrait Studio with huge cowboy hats or something and have "engagement" photos done. We'd have to borrow a large rock from somewhere. Oh now I'm getting started... I also LOVE the "Old Tyme Photos" you can have done in Niagara Falls and other touristy places. The kind where they dress the guys up like cowboys or gangsters and the girls like salon girls (aka prostitutes how quaint!) and then pose you in front of a cabinet of liquor and take the shot with a large view camera. Those are the best but I was only able to convince Davin to do this once five years ago. I'm sure it's all digital now. Grrr. Anyways, we dressed as 20s era gangsters with tommy guns. I dressed in a man's suit because I wanted to be a gangster too but they didn't have gangster outfits for females -- only hooker outfits. See how that works? I wanted it to be a "gangsters in love" portrait in which we'd have our guns and stuff but we'd also be a couple. I still wanted to be a female, which I am, but one that wore a suit and used a gun. Is that too much to ask? But the damned pimply faced teenager they had operating the show just couldn't wrap his head around that and kept insisting that we had to be situated in one of two stock poses: me as a man standing away from Davin with our guns sort of crossing or Davin (in his role as the man) as a gangster standing against the liquor cabinet and myself (starring in the role of the female) dressed as an "olden days prostitute" hanging off the liquor cabinet. All this for 20 bucks!

Needless to say our picture was not in my vision and has been stashed away somewhere never to see the light of day.

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