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The Patrician/255
Taken with Polaroid SX70

I screwed up yesterday. We went for a very long walk east along King until it meets Queen and then continued east along Queen. When I finished my roll and took it out I realized I had the WRONG BACK on my camera and had been shooting with black & white film. Well at least I took a few Polaroids and Diana camera pics even if the Polaroids are blue as a result of the cold. Crappy.

Despite the screw-up the walk was great. We're planning to visit the east end more often. Some parts are unfamilar enough to almost make me feel like I'm on vacation. I said to Davin that even though neither of us drive, another added advantage to living in the city is we've got lots of places to explore just by getting on the subway or streetcar. If we weren't us, we'd find these trips to be very boring since they involve a lot of walking through wastelands of nothingness. But I like that kind of nothingness so it works out well.

At this point I could be dropped off just about anywhere and I'd find something to point my camera at. Entertaining myself just by looking around with my eyes is a skill I cultivated in childhood when my parents would take my brother and I from one boring friends' house to another and leave us to our own devices yet not allow us to actually do anything.

Yesterday's walk took us past three camera stores so I bought a second Holga, a remote for the Nikon D70, a cartridge of SX-70 film, a pack of old type 88 film (it was on sale), AND a 620 box camera called the "Argoflex Seventy-five." I'm a feeling a bit of guilt over my gluttony today. I don't know why, but having two Holgas just seems so extravagant!

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