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Bee, Echinacea
Taken with Nikon D70 (and close-up filter)

I took this photo way back in the summer over at my community garden. I share the space with a handful of other families from the neighbourhood. My plot is very small and rife with problems (a shady tree, drunken brawls, threats to expand the beer store), but in the summer it is a quiet little sanctuary in the middle of a busy neighbourhood.

I found this picture while going through old disks looking for photos to project at tonight's Book Launch Party. One of the photos of this bee (not sure if it was this) was chosen as a full-page photo in my book -- it's one of my favourite pages.

Photographing insects at work is a surprisingly difficult task, especially when you NEED that photo. This bee made it easy. It hardly moved, consummed by the echinacea pollen while I snapped away getting surprisingly close with my lens. Mind you I didn't NEED this photo having taken dozens of decent photos of bees at work. On other occassions, with other insects, I have had to sit patiently in front of one flower waiting and hoping for my insect of choice to choose that particular bloom. Other times I have run after a bee or wasp, vying for a good angle before the insect decides to move on to the next flower.

Basically I'm trying to say that it's a lot more fun when I'm not seeking the picture but it comes to me.

Tonight is my Book Launch Party. Come out and say hi.

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