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Billy Graham Flexidisk

As predicted, we didn't get far with yesterday's alphabetical music project. In fact we only made it to 'c' and that includes skipping through many albums. I did however rediscover "Sandinista" and "Black Market Clash" by The Clash.

Cleaning out my inbox, I came across a link to an online gallery of album covers that is just plain awesome. My favourite gallery is probably the Christian album covers -- especially the albums that are both anti-drug and christian. Whomever designed this christian album was on drugs, this one involved some bad drugs, and this one makes drugs very appealing. This one reminds me of my grandmother (who used to scare the shit out of us with stories of satanic possession)... and the Exorcist. Please do not listen to the attached mp3 under the influence of drugs of any kind unless you want to be damaged for life.

My brother used to have this cover.

Albums I have in my collection:

A' La Carte (Music for Cooking with Gas) - My most loved of all.
Organ Music
The IN Sound From Way Out
The Electric Eclectics of Dick Hyman
Spotlight on the MOOG Kaleidoscopic Vibrations
Elektrik Cokernut - has a crazy version of 'popcorn'
Mallet Mischief
Fire Goddess
Futura - All the Stereo Action albums have the most awesome die-cuts.
Per-cus'-sive Jazz
Parakeet Training Record

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