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some mean aloe

Went to the mall earlier this evening to pick up a pack of 90 minute blank cassette tapes. Yes I still use cassettes.

Bad mistake.

I was waiting in line... my back was sore (I'd been lugging around a giant bag of orchid soil), my stomach was rumbling, my mouth was parched, my bladder was acting up, and I was completely malled out.

It's the murmur. Malls have a certain noise caused by all the sounds mixing together combined with bad acoustics. Plus there's no air and the fluorescents are deadly. I have a low mall tolerance.

Anyway, there was only one cashier on and as a result the line was fairly long. But I was coming up next. Magically a new till opened up, and following what I believe to be Standard Department Store Etiquette, I made my way to the new cashier at a normal pace to claim what I assumed would be first place in line. Well this guy a few people behind me BOLTS for the new cashier like it's some crazy race. I mean he's literally running and his female companion, who's in heels and super tight pants is tripping over herself to keep up. Being totally fed up I blurt out "Oh come ON. Give me a break."

It just escaped from my mouth. I almost never freak out at strangers. I'm not entirely timid, but I'm not super snarky either. Okay except one time, years ago, in one of the worst working environments ever, when I stood up and yelled "Fuck!" at a particularly annoying co-worker. And another time when the worst hosting company ever was giving me the total run-around. I have a breaking point.

Anyways, at least the guy backed off and gave me my rightful place in line. But I was pretty embarrassed about succumbing to mall rage like that.

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