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Oh happy day. I have been trying unsuccessfully for a month to get a hold of a bottle of Natren Megadophilus (also called Superdophilus). I can't stress the importance of this product in my life. This little bottle of acidophilus is absolutely necessary for my body to heal itself.

The sad thing is that this product is not readily available in my city. I live in a major city so it's not a population issue. Normally I just have it shipped from the U.S but this month customs decided to screw me over. First I ordered it via a large, local healthfood store. I even ordered two bottles for good measure. Then I waited, and I waited. And my existing stock depleted two by two by two until there was none. The store said they didn't know what was going on. Problems at the border. Something to do with a lack of bilingualism on the packaging. I respect and understand the importance of bilingual packaging in a bilingual country, but the fact that customs would deny me my fucking medicine over that is insane.

Then I ordered it via my healthcare practitioner which due to shipping and exchange rates comes out to about 20+ dollars more. And I waited. And it didn't arrive and I still don't know why. Probably the same issue even though they were careful to specially label for customs stressing the urgency of the situation -- that I must have this product for health reasons.

Now I was getting desperate. Well thanks to Lauren who hooked me up with a Canadian company in B.C who can ship to me directly (thus avoiding further border hassles), I was able to place an order for two bottles today!

Then less then an hour later, Mr. Risk managed to somehow find a small bottle at our local healthfood store. That's some kind of small miracle really as NO ONE carries this stuff. It came with two other small bottles of products I will never use and cost a small fortune, but at least I got my hands on an actual bottle.

Then an hour later, my long overdue herbs arrived via FedEx! If anyone would have predicted that one day my happiness and excitment level would rely on a bottle of acidophilus and some herbs...

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