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Watching WAY too much Newlywed Game circa mid-late 80s

Something crazy happened to me recently. I watched the film adaptation of "Hair" the musical on the movie channel... and I enjoyed it.

I don't like theatre, musical theatre, film adaptations of musicals or anything related to theatre/musicals in general. I just don't care for it and I never have. Even when I acted in plays in elementary school it really didn't do much for me.

Don't hate me because I hate theatre.

But "HAIR". Hair is so awesome. Those crazy hippie antics, dancing and insane outfits lured me in and the next thing I knew I was diggin' it. I started out watching the movie because Nina Simone does a version of "Ain't Got No/I Got Life". I knew the song was from the "Hair" soundtrack so I was curious to find out what the original version was like. Nina has turned a lot of unbearable songs into little gems. [As an aside: I was right, her version is WAY better.] But by the time I got to that part of the movie I was sucked in. The only part that almost had me get up or turn the channel was the way-too-long acid "trip-out" scene. Just a little too psychedelic for my taste.

But honestly... By the end of the film, in the scene where they're walking through the rows of gravestones singing "Let the Sun Shine In"... I had a bit of dew forming in the corners of my eyes.

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