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Close-up Gator

I can't believe I missed this. Aiptek has come out with the Pocket DV 2 and it appears to kick the ass of the first generation model I currently use. Plus it costs the same amount I paid for the first one, which is now half the price! The new model has an LCD display, has a higher resolution, and best of all takes actual memory cards now.

There's a part of me that wants to immediately get the new one, and another part that remembers that the low-tech toyness of the camera is the reason I love it so much in the first place. My fear is that it won't take those screwed up, post-apocalyptic pictures anymore and that having an actual display will mean losing the randomness that I enjoy. I mean, I have a camera that does a hell of a lot higher than 1.3 mega pixels so I certainly don't own the Pocket DV for the same reason. But I do have to say that the lack of card is a very annoying element of the first model. In Florida my batteries wore out and as a result I couldn't take any more pics. Once the batteries die you can not replace the batteries until you dump the images onto your computer.

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