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Behind the Greyhound Station, St. Augustine, Florida

So many new things. Yesterday afternoon we went to the Farmer's Market at Dufferin Grove Park. My brother and I tried to go there one Saturday assuming it was running on Saturdays, and discovered there was no market. I then located the website and discovered the market day is Thursday. I try to buy alot of my organic produce at Farmer's Markets because they are way cheaper and the quality is usually better. I really like Dufferin Grove Park. It just has a really good feeling about it. They even have outdoor bread ovens.

This is so great... but I hate to inform the City of Toronto, but many people (including myself) have been walking the paths along the tracks for years. It's one of my favourite places to take pictures in the summer.

Also in Toronto: Cinematheque is currently playing a series of Satyajit Ray films. I'm eager to get out and see some of them but the hail and freezing rain is holding me back. That and laziness. Do go and see them if you get a chance. I can't say enough about Satyajit Ray. His films are just incredibly beautiful and heartbreaking beyond words. They often rip me to shreds emotionally -- always a sign of a good film in my book. Actually one of my favourites Mahangar (The Big City) is more uplifting than heartbreaking.

In other good news it looks like I got a small space in a community garden right around the corner from my place. I am too excited about this. I still plan to garden on my deck as always, but it means growing veggies in actual dirt again and having a small pool of plant geeks to garden with communally. It also means I can grow more tomatoes. Yesterday in preparation for a slightly late seed starting extraveganza I bought a heated greenhouse. It's just a box with a heating pad underneath not an actual greenhouse in the proper sense of the word. I wish.

As I wrote this I listened to: Darker Than Blue: Soul from Jamdown 1973-1980 (Borrowed from my brother) As an aside I love the cover of this album. I was also shocked to discover a version of one of my favourite songs sung by Nina Simone "Baltimore" (written by Randy Newman which always blows my mind as someone who does not care for the musical stylings of the man). This version isn't as good as Nina's but I still enjoyed it. "Baltimore" is my favourite song to listen to on the walkman while walking down the street.

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