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Today I was going to post about how a week and a half ago I bought a new camera on impulse, but how the camera is being shipped from the Ukraine and would take some time to get here. Well it arrived this morning!


I had been wanting a medium format camera with a top viewer for some time now but didn't want to spend a lot of cash. I had read about the Russian Lubitel cameras (Lubitel translates to "amateur") via sites such as Toy Camera, PhotoJunkie and numerous other personal collector sites. So last week I had 60 bucks US burning a hole in a PayPal account and I decided on impulse to go ahead and buy a camera. Bill, the Canon AE-1 and I are having "problems" so I thought "Why not buy an even finickier camera that requires lots of fiddling with knobs and time-consumming set-up times?"


Actually I think my exact thought process was "Those Lubitel-2's sure are neat and pretty with their fancy script typeface and their bake-lite body. Oh look here's one on Ebay that has an actual case and I can just click this Buy Now button and it's mine."

lubitel2 and the kitty

I was trying to take some shots of the camera when the cat, who refused to sit still for pictures yesterday, jumped up and began posing next to the camera.

So my goal for today, aside from actual work and stuff, is to go out and get some film!

For more info on the Lubitel or the Lubitel-2 see:

  • Lubitel info post (on PhotoJunkie)
  • Lubitel 2 Manual and info page (with excellent pics of camera)
  • Lubitel Resource Page
  • Tips for Using the Lubitel Camera
  • Altering Your Lubitel for Panoramic Shots

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