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Yesterday we went to Henry's to pick up some 120 film for the new Lubitel. First we stopped at the new clearance store where I purchased a new camera bag for a mere 20 bucks! It is the perfect size for holding the Nikon, the Lubitel 2, the Pocket DV, the i-zone (don't laugh), film, a pen, extra flash cards and batteries. The only unfortunate thing is that this bag really fits all of this stuff perfectly and wouldn't be good if the urge took me to carry a different set of cameras. No room for Bill, or the Polaroids or any Super 8's (which I haven't used in literally years anyways so who am I kidding). I also bought a few rolls of outdated 120 film and a ton of outdated polaroid i-zone film.

Next we went to the main store where Mr. Risk bought 110 film and I bought three more rolls of 120 film. I tried to buy a lens cap for my camera (it didn't come with one) but no such luck. Then we went to the park across the street and chaos ensued as I tried to figure out how to load the Lubitel. I've never experienced 120 film. I knew there was lots of paper before you got to anything but I didn't know how much. I rolled and rolled and started to get very concerned about having gone too far, yet none of the supposed indicators came up in the little window. Then an arrow came up and I assumed that was right. So we went on our way. I stopped and took a few pictures but didn't know how far to advance. Little boxes came up and I assumed that maybe those were the indicators. So I'd take a picture, roll till a little box was in the centre of the window and stop. But the little boxes seemed WAY too close together. Finally I got to a number and realised that all those pictures didn't take and I was only on the first picture. Live and learn.

  • A handy article that has a brief intro to the Lubitel along with info on cross-processing (which I knew zero about).

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