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Taken with the Lubitel 2

I had such a fucking good day today. Met with a great client about a job that is pretty close to ideal. They're just producing some great stuff and I feel really priviledged to be contributing to the creation of this great stuff. During the meeting I actually got emotional and had a few tears form in the corners of my eyes. Lately I notice that if a person shows strong personal emotions, I react empathically. I instantly tear up and find myself having to hold back my reaction for fear of looking like a total freak. It has happened several times recently and often in a "professional context". It is good that with this client, since they produce work that evokes strong emotional reactions in people, and because they are so passionate about what they do, they liked that. IN fact I think it solidified the feeling that we were really into what they were doing too. Basically it was another moment -- of which I am gladly having more of lately, that gives me hope that everyone in the world isn't fucked up. It's a good feeling. Really good. And it's good to know that I can be honest in my feelings about a situation and have that honesty received in the spirit it was intended. So many times in past (very past thankfully) "professional" situations I was made to feel I had to hide my emotions whatever they were -- that I had to take a clinical approach to what I was producing and how I was producing it. For me the way I make my living is as important as everything else I do. I have never been able to understand that cavelier "it's just business" attitude. I'm just very appreciative that I can be at a point in my life where I don't have to eat shit and I can work in a mutually respectful way with others who share the same approach to their lives.

In the late afternoon I went to the Farmer's Market and everything that hasn't been there in the last few weeks was there! The rosemary bread fresh and still piping hot from an outdoor bread oven, tiny, fragile, brown speckled quail eggs, wild mushrooms... even pushy annoying customers couldn't get me down.

Then I went and picked up my first Lubitel 2 prints. The photo above is my favourite. I rarely take people photos and I really like that one alot. I like the film because it has a nice brown tone and brown black is always my favourite. I had alot of crap shots and light leaks and general fuck ups but I learned alot about what this camera does and I'm pretty fucking happy with the turnout. Some of the colour shots are nuts. The colour is really amazing! Even my accidental double exposures turned out nice results. The Lubitel 2 is a damn fine camera.

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