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Spartus Full Vue with Flash Gun attached

My Spartus Full Vue camera arrived this afternoon! It's a brown bakelite twin lens camera that takes 120 film. It's a very, very basic camera. The top viewer has a piece of plastic that pulls up to reveal a very convex piece of glass. There is no focussing, no nothing! It is literally point and shoot. Actually mine has a setting on it called "Time" that I would guess works like "b". It's hard to tell but the lens looks to be plastic. I can't wait to try it out!

I scored on this camera. It came with a box, a flash gun, instruction booklets, assorted literature, 2 rolls of very old 120 film (1970's), and a 620 film reel. Herold, the company that made this camera, produced several different version of the Full-Vue. Sadly mine isn't the prettiest I've seen but it's still pretty darn neat.

Spartus Full Vue with top up

I currently have a few more cameras on the way:

  • Coronet Ambassador box camera (120 film): This site has the manual
  • replacement Lubitel 2
  • Lubitel (the first model)
  • beautiful red Kodak 120 box camera

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