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Hoppe is here. Dhoppe is here. You decide.

Woke up abruptly, and far too early twice this morning. First time from the alarm... and just as I was back to sleep and dreaming, a second time by a delivery. The delivery was one of my cameras so I can't really complain, but the early abrupt wake-up has left me in a shitty mood. Kind of like this day.

Later: Thanks to a trip to the art supply store where I bought new books, paper and some pens, followed by some illegal trespassing on the tracks, I'm in a much better mood. The tracks are still one of my favourite places to go despite the fact that the City ruined it last summer by cutting down all the trees and bushes. I took 9 photos along the tracks with the replacement Lubitel 2 that arrived this morning. It's a much older model than the last one and has russian characters on the front instead of english. The other one was nicer looking but this one is in better working order. The other one seemed to open the shutter sometimes when I cocked the shutter cock. This one works perfectly so no having to cover the lens everytime. Plus it has a strap. And I like the case better because the front stays on but falls out of the way when I use the camera while the other one was a pain in the ass and I just took the front of the case off when I went out with it. Now I just hope I get some good pictures with it. I'm hoping to finish the roll in this camera and the Spartus Full-Vue so I can take it all in for developing tomorrow.

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