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Taken with Spartus Full-Vue

The first images taken with the Spartus Full-Vue were developed on Friday. Most of the images are pretty blurry but there are two that I'm happy with. I love the darkness around the edges. It doesn't show much on the photo above but it does on most of the others. Even the crazy blurred pictures are good. Now I know that I need to hold the camera flat against my body for the added support that is obviously necessary and that I can't expect photos of moving people to look like much. This is a landscape/still life kind of camera.

On Saturday I went to the Clothing Show and Sale with my brother and his girlfriend. It was kind of chaotic. I bought a pair of pants and a camera. Figures that at a clothing show I'd manage to find the one booth with old cameras. The seller had an old Ansco Rediflex that had a metal plate in front that covered the twin lens. When you slid it up, it pulled up the view finder simultaneously. Neat contraption. Too bad the shutter was broken. So instead I bought a really beautiful 1940's "Target Brownie Six-20" box camera. It takes 620 film but the camera is in good shape with a strong shutter and no rust inside. I shaved down a 120 reel and it fit perfectly. I shot 5 photos with it on Sunday afternoon. There is something really satisfying about using these old box cameras. I feel like I'm getting away with something. I felt really McGuyver-ish shaving down the film and putting colour film into a camera that was produced before colour film existed. Plus when I'm taking pictures people either completely ignore me and don't get defensive like they do with normal cameras, or they look at me like there is no way I could possibly be taking actual pictures with such an old thing.

Sadly I lost the first images from the Coronet Ambassador. The camera was in the bottom of my backpack on Saturday and was moved around alot as a result. Unfortunately the film was advanced right to the end accidently and since I've been juggling so many cameras simultaneously, I couldn't remember how many photos I'd taken. I tried winding the reel back in the dark, but I messed it up. Live and learn.

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