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Taken with Spartus Full-Vue

  • Get your War Chops on.
  • May Day Project coming up this Saturday.
  • Also this Saturday FoodShare Plant Sale. I'll most likely be there picking up some supplies.
  • Lovely new photos up at
  • Comfort Food is the theme at LaLaLand. I'm looking forward to the storefronts theme.

    Keri Smith's monthly newsletter includes a link to her newest article about how sometimes your business can run you. In my world remove the word 'sometimes'. Especially this month. In the article she talks about the kind of thinking that I often get into which is to see every task as "something I have to get through" and that constant nagging need to produce, produce, produce. Sometimes when I'm in the shower I've got a running list going... "After I get dressed and brush my teeth I'll make some food, then I'll get on that one client job and while I've got Illustrator open I might as well do such and such". Yes, lately I've noticed myself scheduling my work based on what programs I'm working in at the time even though I have a fast computer and it takes a whole extra few seconds to close one up and open another. Sometimes I take multi-tasking to a terrifying level.

    What it boils down for me is too much work. I'm not always good at knowing when to say no. But I'm getting better at it. Part of the issue for me is recognizing I have more than I can handle and then taking action quickly.

    And now back to my list.

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