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I'm finally starting to do some drawings using my Wacom Tablet. I did three last night. I'm pretty proud of myself.

As an aside whenever I say "I'm proud of myself" I am reminded of a scene in Gummo where the two boys are selling their daily haul of dead cats and one of the boys (Tummler) says "I'm pretty smart if I do say so myself."

I'd been planning to do some drawings such as the one above for ages, but in the last several years drawing anything of a personal nature has been incredibly intimidating. It scares the shit out of me. I drew these freehand in Photoshop; hence the wiggly lines.

These drawings are for the project about my childhood home I mentioned a while back, and go along with some text about how my parents used to send me to the store almost everyday for cigarettes and a 3 quart bag of milk. When they bought my first non-training wheel bike they put a basket on it so I could better accomodate carrying the big bag of milk. Gee thanks!

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