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coronet dandelions

Field of Dandelions
Taken with the Coronet Ambassador

The Brownie Target Six-20 had some trouble yesterday. The mirrors in the viewfinders got jostled somehow and I couldn't see through them anymore. I took a bunch of completely blind pictures before I got up the nerve to shake it which thankfully moved the mirrors back into the right position. That kind of "fixing up" is equivillent to kicking the convenience food dispensing machine. But apparently it works sometimes.

I'm turning into the box camera equivillent of the drug pushers they warn you about in commercials who try to get the kids "hooked on their dope". I bought my brother a disposable 35mm camera the other day because they were only 5 bucks. Okay it's not a box camea but you have to start with the softer drugs right? I didn't need it but I couldn't NOT get it. I find myself egging Mr. Risk on to "Just try out one of the box cameras." I say "Wouldn't you like to try one? I've got a bunch. You can take your pick. Any camer you want. Come on, they're fun." I talk about the cameras and show n' tell the cameras so much one friend is looking on ebay and another who had some in storage is pulling them out.

I'm going to start a gang soon. I already have a name. I've considered registering the url.

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