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brownie target six 20 forsythia

Forsythia in High Park
Taken with Brownie Target Six-20

Yesterday we went over to Henry's to buy more rechargeable batteries for the various electronic devices and popped into Downtown Camera "just to look". Well I didn't know they were selling Holgas there. Ya I bought one. So far just in terms of "fun of use" I still rate the brownies higher. There's something more satisfying about their weight in your hands. Plus I prefer the top viewer, the way you have to hold the camera still and flat against your body for support and frankly they're just good looking cameras. The Holga is, well, a plastic piece of shit. But I guess there is something to be said for plastic pieces of shit. You can take it apart and mess with it and that's fun too. Although I'm a bit afraid to take mine apart because even though it's a cheap camera, it wasn't cheap in a 5-bucks-kind-of-way or in a "If I break it, who cares" sort-of-way.

Oh and if you're looking for cheap, expired 120 film in Toronto, Downtown Camera has a good supply going for around $3.50 each right now.

Brownie Target Six-20
I downloaded a manual for the Brownie Target Six-20 and discovered that two little pull-out bits of metal that I thought were for opening and closing the camera are actually a time lever and a lens opening slide. This camera gets better everytime I use it.

Baby Holga
The Baby Holga I bought for Mr. Risk on ebay arrived today. It's, as you can imagine, another plastic piece of shit that is just big enough to cover the 110 cartridge that fits inside. You can fit the whole camera in the palm of one hand! Miniature is neat.

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