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High Park Guys
Taken with Spartus Full Vue

I met a woman last night at a friend's house. I met her before but it was a long time ago. She remembered me but only after I told her how we met and what the circumstances were. I look more like I did at 17 than I did even 3 years ago. Only I'm very much not 17. I don't know what age I look like but I'm sure it's not 17. I just have the same non-hairstyle.*

The woman said that when I walked through the door her exact thought process was:

[Pointing to me]: "Female."
[And then pointing to herself]: "Female."
[And then pointing to me]: "Hair."
[And then running her hands over her head]: "Hair."
[Then pointing to me and then to herself]: "Different. Different."

I thought it was odd that she was so conscious of her chain of thought. That's the kind of thing that happens so fast you don't notice it. But what endeared her to me was that she thought "female" rather than "woman" or various other words for females. I myself prefer to use the word "female" over other words.

I like to be official.

Although I'm willing to accept "broad" under the right circumstances.

For someone whose verbal skills are highly lacking ("thingy" is now officially banned from use because I rely on it way too much), I'm very picky about words and how they're used and who uses them and when.

* The other thing I liked about the woman was that she told long-winded stories and broke off into tangents. Much like I do... and am doing right now.

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