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Picked Dandelions on the Milky Way
Shot with Nikon 990

We're intending to have a garage sale sometime in the near future and last night, in a sudden urge to get rid of shit, I began going through boxes of stuff. In one box I came across my old journals from ten years ago. Of course I couldn't resist getting side-tracked and read through most of the books. What a miserable read. What stands out the most is how I already knew, to some degree, alot of what I know now... I guess I just didn't know how to act on it.

At the time I also liked to write down cheesy lines from television shows. Here's a bit of television 'wisdom' from Doogie Howser. "Ray and I got caught up in comparing ourselves to others. It doesn't matter whether you think too much of yourself or too little, either way you lose."

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