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Shot with Nikon 990

We're off to Montreal tomorrow as a part of our belated 10 year anniversary celebration. Will be spending alot of time at the Jardin Botanique de Montreal which has the most spectacular greenhouse ever. You can see panoramic views of some of the greenhouse rooms and gardens here. I am literally foaming at the mouth in anticipation.

Today I bought a backpack camera bag so I can comfortably carry more cameras. It's ugly and blue but my choices were limited and I had to forsake form for function even if it makes me look like a frat boy. I can fit 8 cameras in the new bag! Some of those cameras are small but the polaroid colorpack II is bulky and even it fits. I know I lack restraint but I really do not plan to carry 8 cameras at any given time.

Goodbye computer. I will not miss you... much.

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