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Taken with Nikon 990

We're back from Montreal. I've got lots to say but first a note about music. I think we bought about 13 records which is pretty good since we only went into a few record stores. I haven't been music shopping in a while and was feeling kinda stale. I actually had days without listening to anything at all. But I brought a cd walkman on the train and had the opportunity to just sit and listen to music. Sometimes I didn't read or do anything but close my eyes and listen which was really good for my mind. I rarely have the chance to do that anymore. I am often working while I listen which isn't as intense an experience. I also find the walkman can be a superior way to listen because the sounds are right in your ears and you hear things that can't be heard on a stereo played at a reasonable volume.

Anyways one record I bought, "Black & Proud: The Soul of the Black Panther Era" has this really amazing song sung by a choir of school children in Rochester N.Y. circa 1970 called "James Brown". As you can guess the song is an ode to James Brown. It is so good! There's nothing like school kids singing "His hair was slick and shiny; James Brown. Now he sports his Afro; he's thinking Black, Lord oh Lord, I'm proud.", "UHHH, Good God!" and "UHHH, Your bad self" over tinkly school piano music. Brings tears to my eyes.

I also bought:

  • Ike and Tina: Live in Paris -- Not bad.
  • Thunder Before Dawn from The Indestructable Beat of Soweto series -- Really good.
  • Sweet Sweetbacks Baadasssss Song -- haven't listened yet
  • The Three Pieces: Vibes of Truth -- ok
  • Rhythm of Resitance: Music of Black South Africa -- This is a soundtrack to a documentary. Hit and miss.
  • Steppin' Hot: Fourteen 60's Soul Sizzlers -- Really good and great cover too.
  • Soweto Never Sleeps: Classic Female Zulu Jive -- Awesome album. I've been trying to find this used for a long time and managed to find it for five bucks!!
  • Nina Simone sings Porgy -- Haven't listened yet. I'll buy any Nina Simone album regardless.
  • The Best of Nina Simone -- Have this on cd but love it so I was happy to find a used vinyl copy. This is a great album that includes a song that has been reducing me to tears lately... "I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free" and a lovely tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. "Why (The King of Love is Dead)".
  • Booker T. and the M.G.s: Soundtrack to "Up Tight"

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