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Taken with Ansco B-2 Cadet    

Our cat is sick. We were in the process of looking around for a holistic vet and noticed that she was visiting the litter box alot. The holstic vet couldn't fit us in so we had to take her to the old vet yesterday. I like the old vet, they are great, but they practice allopathic medicine and I didn't want that. So of course now she's on antibiotics which I truly didn't want to do. I'm sick with worry over having to do this. I wouldn't take antibiotics for myself, yet now I've got my cat on a six day course.

This morning we tried to get a urine sample for analysis but she's not producing enough which is a scary sign. We're supposed to get 2 cc but overnight all she produced was 1/2 a cc.

I feel just awful for her. She hasn't made a peep, but I know that if she's got a urinary tract infection (which is the least scary of the possibilities) she's got to be in pain. She sure is fiesty though. Getting her into the cat carrier yesterday was no small feat.

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