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Taken with Anscoflex II

Note that I have taken a few photos now with a camera called the Anscoflex II. It is turning out to be my favourite 620 camera, beating out the Brownie Hawkeye Flash Outfit. The viewfinder is both huge AND clear making it easy to see exactly what is in the frame. It also has a special winding mechanism that prevents double exposures. Some double exposures are happy accidents but sometimes I'd rather they didn't happen. It also has a yellow filter and a "closeup lens" that you can flick down in front of the lens if you so desire. Okay the closeup lens is really more of a shitty plastic magnifying glass but it makes for some very soft, ethereal photos. Aesthetically the camera is really cool. It is a green/grey colour with a metal front. When you flip up the front to expose the lens the view finder opens at the top. Neat. I got the whole thing, plus a big honking flash unit that I will never use, a case, instruction booklet and a mini suitcase to house the whole thing for about 5 bucks US.

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