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sarracenia seed pod

Pitcher Plant seed pod (Sarracenia purpurea)
Shot with Nikon 990

As promised more photos from the fen at Singing Sands.

I was incorrect yesterday when I stated that the pitcher plants were in full bloom. After a bit of reading I realise what I saw were maturing seed pods. The petals had already dropped from the flowers. Apparently the pitchers of sarracenia stay closed until the flowers have been pollinated so as to avoid eating pollinating insects. That's pretty ingenius.

Another really interesting thing about that conservation area is that it is home to an abundance of rare plants and orchids. Once on a trip to a cabin in another part of that area I found a yellow lady's slipper (Cypripedium calceolus) growing on our lot and some other unusual flowers such as the fringed polygala (Polygala paucifolia), but at the time I had no idea how special they were. Well the find was special and exciting to me, I just wasn't aware it was special to others. It's not everyday I see orchids growing wild in Ontario.

On Sunday we drove back to Toronto and stopped at a flea market and some antique stores along the way. The pickings were a lot slimmer then I had hoped but I did pick up an Imperial Six-Twenty camera for seven bucks. It appears to be an all plastic camera. It's small size and extremely light weight were the features that appealed to me most. It really wasn't until I was back in the car, attempting to load it with film that I realised it probably had a plastic lens.

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