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Taken with the Windsor

Lately I've begun photographing wooden fences. Just plain fences without tags, scratching, etc. Okay who am I kidding? They're not "plain" fences. They're always really textured and dirty. The one above is kind of creepy.

Still feeling burned out. But maybe ever so slightly less so.

Found this photo via a link on the Toy Camera forums. I just love it when mud does that. I also love the composition of the photo. I bought one of those wooden tops in Oaxaca years ago. It's beautiful but I've never been able to make it spin like that kid in the picture. Kids have a special knack for such things. Or maybe they just have endless hours, or will find the time to devote to honing their skills if they enjoy it.

One Saturday morning in my own childhood, I hopped in one place on a pogo for three hours continuously, just because I could. I had the time to do it. Back then it felt like a huge accomplishment.

Since then, I've accomplished the life experience equivillent of hopping in place for several days continuously. Yet I have never felt the sense of pride and accomplishment that I did on Saturday whenever 198_.

That kind of thinking will destroy a person.

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