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Taken with the Holga

I broke my Lomo LCA. It smashed onto the sidewalk Sunday afternoon. While the camera remained intact, the winding mechanism is bust. I can advance the film, but it takes a couple of minutes of struggling and fussing. I tried to keep using it on Sunday despite this problem, but eventually I had to give up.

I'm heartbroken. I love that camera. It was only recently that I really began to enjoy it. When I first started using Mr. Risk's Lomo I was nervous about my ability to guesstimate distances. I've always been shit at guessing measurements. But over time I got very good at it. I used that camera every single time I went out. It was an old, used camera, and it did have some winding issues prior to the accident. I had stopped putting 36 rolls into it because it often stuck at picture 24. Still, I loved that camera. I'm really bummed. It's a huge drag. Mr. Risk says we can share his Lomo but we both know that's not going to work out. Tears.

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