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Taken with the Windsor

I took these photos a few weeks ago at Mount Pleasant Cemetery... the same fateful day I dropped my Lomo LC-A on the sidewalk.

Overall I was a bit disappointed by the cemetery. In the ten plus years I've lived in Toronto I always meant to go to Mount Pleasant imagining it to be filled with interestingly carved markers of the area's deceased rich and famous. While I did see a lot of cool, old grave markers and mausoleums they were spread out amidst contemporary graves. And to be honest despite the fancy spires, statues, and other displays of wealth, my favourite grave markers continue to be the simply and nearly unseen bricks marked "sister", "mother", "father". I remember as a kid going to check out a country graveyard with my parents' friends' kid. She wanted to visit a horse that lived next to the lot and I wanted to check out a graveyard without my parents being there. It was a small country grave sat next to a small community church. That was the first time I saw grave markers without names. I was astounded. It was one of those tiny but significant moments in which I became ever-so-slightly-less naive about how the world operates.

Overall it felt weird being at Mount Pleasant. The place is a strange cross between public park (people were riding around on bikes, hiking, etc) and grave yard (some were there to visit loved ones). I've been to cemeteries many times before... but not with an armload of cameras (usually only one in the past). I don't believe in burial and I'm an athiest, yet I didn't want to be a complete ass and disrespect the living humans who were there to grieve. A few times I curtailed my want to shout "Hey Mr. Risk... Over here... Check this out!"

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