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The above photos were taken with that .99 cent crappy plastic 35mm I bought a while back. I can't say the photos turned out to be super exciting but they weren't bad/good either. I think part of the problem was that my test roll was a subject matter I don't usually photograph.


I did indeed go to see bell hooks speak last night. As I expected, she was an engaging speaker with a good balance between reading, speaking about her ideas and relating personal stories. She has been criticised at times for her use of anecdote and personal experience in her writing, but I have always enjoyed that aspect of her work, even when I didn't agree with her point. I strongly believe that cultural theory outside of a living human context is interesting to contemplate but nearly useless beyond that. I am also always most interested in what life experiences draws a person to the conclusions they arrive at. That train of thought.

Ms. hooks has been a busy woman, having three books coming out in the next few months. She read from them and the two I am most interested in are on the subject of masculinity. The first is called We Real Cool: Black Men and Masculinity and the other is The Will to Change: Men, Masculinity and Love.

Some things about bell hooks:

  • She has a fairly high pitched voice. This shocked me. It wasn't high in a "Hi, I'm Melanie Griffith. I'm like 40+ and talk like a little tiny baby" forced-hyper-cuteness-kind-of-way. But it was much higher than I expected. I have this thing with voices. When I read a person's words I have a tendency to anticipate and imagine their voice in my head. I know this is extremely biased but I still do it. I even do this with people I have email correspondence with. So often times when I meet the person I am shocked by the sound of their real voice.
  • She loves to use the word "diaspora"... a lot. We currently have a client who also uses this word a great deal. It's one of those words that when pulled out, makes the user seem very intellectual. I've made a mental note to introduce it into my vocabulary. "Histrionic" is a similar word. I haven't used that one in ages.
  • "Pedagogy" was another word in regular use last night.
  • Not only does she repeat the phrase "White supremist, imperialist, capitalist, patriarchy." in her writing, she does indeed pull it out when speaking. I have to admit that while I understand her reasoning for using it and appreciate that, I skip over it and sort of blur it all together when I read her books. I'm a fast and also somewhat lazy reader.

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