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Taken with the Great Wall DF-

Not sure what "Area 17" refers to but we sure did go ballistic taking photos of this sign. I alone took photos with no less than four cameras, and from every side. The other photos are yet to be developed.


Yesterday afternoon we went to Canzine. Last year we had a table but I have since decided that sitting at a table all day isn't for me. Anyways this year's event was right down the street at the Gladstone, an old, and sadly rundown hotel with amazing architecture. I have to admit that I was less excited about the event and more excited about the opportunity to have free reign of the building to roam about and snoop. It didn't disappoint. I wish I had taken more photos but I tend to get nervous in situations in which I know I'm somewhere I'm not supposed to be. I'm a simultaneously reluctant, yet eager trespasser. Some of the rooms (which were tiny) were used for art exhibits but they still had beds and other furniture in them which was just downright creepy.

In the end I purchased very little at the show. My best purchase was a lovely three colour silkscreen that was only 5 bucks! I think he should have charged more but people tend not to buy much art at those events since they are there more for the zines.

Oh I also bought a cd-rom zine called The Repository for Strange Dreams. The editor is taking submissions for a new project called "The Repository for Washroom Graffiti".

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