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Taken with the Ansco B-2 Cadet (with Magnifying Glass)

Got some 120 photos back last night. One roll of film had two photos on it from June. This is a clear sign that I've lost some enthusiasm for the Brownie Hawkeye Flash. I think this comes in part because many of the photos from this camera taken on our June trip to Montreal were a disappointment. I have a tendency to blame the camera just a bit. As I have acquired or experimented with new cameras, there have been a few that have fallen to the wayside in favour of the ones that I gel with.

I'm enjoying the B-2 Cadet experiments with the magnifying glass so much, I think I'm going to start using some of the other, lesser used box cameras in this way. Every roll I get back has had two or three pictures that qualify as overall favourites. There's something about the quality of the images that appeals to me. It's probably the short depth of field. Now that I've expanded my repetoire beyond flower photos (with this process I have kept to plant close-ups) I am again inspired to experiment more.

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