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I had way creepier photos that I wanted to put up here today for Halloween but they're from World Toy Camera Day and I haven't selected my best shot yet. All the creepy shots are contenders and I have to keep them secret until the judging process is over.


TONS of projects have been put to bed recently. While I'm actually really proud of my accomplishments right now, I am most happy to have cleared out some space in my life.

This weekend will be the first, in literally.... I can't even say when, that I haven't had something that needed doing... that couldn't wait until Monday... or that I felt obligated to do. Every minute of it is mine to do as I please. I will go eat breakfast in my favourite cafe followed by a day of being outside taking pictures. Sunday I don't even know. But I can do whatever the hell I want without the weight of my inner voice nagging me "You're not supposed to be here, you're supposed to be doing such and such."

This feeling, this place, is what I'm striving to attain all the time and not just on special occassions. A balanced life. When I decided to become my own boss I didn't realise I would become the boss from hell.

I feel incredibly liberated.

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