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Taken with Holga 120

Today we went out taking photos on Ward Island. The air was fairly cool, and after several hours outdoors I've been left with a chill that I can't seem to shake. It was grey all day and the sky turned completely dark soon after we arrived on the island, but I think I took a fair number of decent photos anyway. Last weekend I was forced to use black and white film in the holga because I had very little colour film. Well I discovered that on a grey day, I can take really moody photos with the holga that wouldn't work with colour. So now I'm black and white crazy and it is forcing me to change my perception. I like it.

I think what blows my mind is the fact that the possibilities for experimentation are so endless I could literally work the same area over and over with the same subject matter and always come back with something worth keeping. ...Except the area along the tracks between my place and Pinkie's Truck. I can only take so many photos of that water tower.

I'm way beyond addicted to toy camera photography now. I have that feeling of having found something I've been unknowingly looking for.


I have a photo up on in the Trash My Film section of Holgasmers. Look for the "GIA EE" photo. (My name is misspelled). Check out other areas of the site. They did a nice job creating galleries that are visually interesting.


We just finished watching a documentary about Robert Johnson, King of the Delta Blues. I have deep respect for people who can create something out of nothing. He wanted to play guitar but didn't have one, so he hammered some long nails into the side of a house, and made it into a house guitar.

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