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Taken with Great Wall DF-

Got back a bunch of film just in the nick of time. I've been BORED to tears with everything currently scanned but too sick/lazy/busy to bother digging around for anything decent to post. Two of the rolls are from two recent 35mm plastic lens purchases; the Anny-35 and the TIME camera. I thought Marcy's review of the OFFICIAL TIME MAGAZINE camera was very amusing. Despite her scepticism I am happy with the photos it turned out. Nice vignetting on most shots with a soft focus, but a lack of decent colour saturation. Still, worth the way-too-much-money I paid at the local Salvation Army a week or two ago. The Anny-35 camera images on the other hand have very vibrant reds, but no vignetting and strange lens flairs that I find unattractive but Mr. Risk thinks are kind of cool.


Been sick recently. Had my first cold/virus in several years last week and continue to feel like hell today. I'm going to make myself soup and then lay in bed.

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