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33 Newtonbrook (R.O.M)
Taken with Great Wall DF-

This photo was taken at the R.O.M a while back. It's a row of rolling coatcheck boxes for visiting public schools. I took some photos of this with the lomo lc-a but they were lost. An unhappy number of photos have been lost because the damned camera is acting up. I have no idea why having changed the batteries twice now. So now both lc-as are messed. Lately I've been cursed having broken or damaged several cameras within a short span of time. The count comes to one Lubitel 2, two lc-as, one anscoflex II and one brownie hawkeye flash (can still use it with a lot of fuss). Plus I have lost two lens caps (they were very loose). Mr. Risk has also suffered having received two recent rangefinder duds through ebay. Curses!

Does anyone know of a place in Toronto that fixes lomos and old rangefinders?

Update: Get this. Last night I put the batteries from my broken lc-a (which should be too old and dead) into Mr. Risk's lc-a and it worked. Maybe I bought the wrong batteries. Will have to do more experimenting.

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