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Hot + Cold Sandwiches
Taken with Holga

I actually have no recollection of having taken this picture nor where I took it. That's really unusual for me as I have a good memory for that kind of detail.

I'm on a black and white kick. It started with the holga, but now I'm starting to wonder why I haven't used black and white in many of the other cameras. The other night we went out for a walk in the neighbourhood in an attempt to take holiday lights photos. There is one local street of low income high rises that usually goes nuts with the lights. Unfortunately they did not this year. After bundling up for the cold and lugging a tripod and several cameras, I took all of two long-exposure pinholes and a few snaps with the lomo. I really don't care for the holiday season but I do enjoy bugging out to pretty, oscillating lights and cheesy displays. I'm planning another night neighbourhood tour with the pinhole once I get up the nerve to go out into the wet, slushy streets.

On the way back from the no-lights display, as we walked through Parkdale, the quiet, empty streets, with a light snow falling down inspired me to take some pinholes of a few local mainstays and my favourite shit-hole laundromat. Once this roll is done I'm going to try a shift to b&w in the pinhole.

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