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Taken with Holga

New Years. I feel like I'm supposed to say something profound now about the last year, give a little 2003 wrap-up or something. 2003 was actually a fucking good year for me. In some really big, less superficial ways it was my best year ever. It was also really difficult and messy. It would take a book to explain. And so the point form and public version....

  • Started this site.
  • Did something I NEVER thought I'd do in a million years: went to Florida, central Florida no less. Have actually uttered the words, "Wish I could go back to Florida." (Of course in the context of taking pictures but still...)
  • Gladly and gleefully left the twenties and turned 30. Woo Hoo!
  • Bought a new/used digital camera then soon after rediscovered film setting said digital camera aside almost entirely.
  • Celebrated 10 year anniversary!
  • Had my first offline photo exhibit. Hung photos then subsequently forgot about it.
  • Discovered the magic of Ward's Island.
  • Learned it was better to be honest than polite and nice.
  • It's okay to hate your parents. Particularly when they're assholes.
  • Saw carnivorous plants in the wild!
  • Working on a book.
  • After years upon years of looking like a 70's housewife and having my hair cut by Mr. Risk, I finally mustered up the courage to have my hair styled by a professional. Managed to find the most expensive AND bitchiest stylist in the city. Style Timeline (1.75 months) Looked bad (Don Johnson on the cusp of 1980). Then good. Then bad (Cindy Walsh. Office lady circa 1981). Then really good for a solid week. Now back to whatever. Have spent more time thinking about my hair in the last month then in the last 30 years combined.
  • Got HOPE. Am no longer a pessimist.
  • Got inside my own head.
  • Made mistakes. Intermittent fuck ups.
  • Grew up some.

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